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The Crew

Marc Puig Boltas

With over 20 years of sailing experience and over 10 working on nautical charters Marc has covered over 50.000 miles traveling the Mediterranean, the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean.

Judith Mas

For over 7 years Judith has worked on charters. She crossed the Atlantic working as a sailor together with Marc the captain. For the last 4 years she has lived on the sailboat JU in the Caribbean.

We were born in Barcelona, but we feel we are citizens of the world.   We live in a world that continues to be very big but that modern technology seems to have made smaller. A world in constant change, where every day the borders between nations seem to be less clear, above all at sea, which occupies two thirds of the surface of the planet, nearly all of which is international waters, in the middle of what is still unexplored and wild nature, where authentic paradises still exist, as do irresistable cultures still to be explored.

We are nomads. We live at sea. We travel with the wind. We produce our own energy with the sun and the wind. We try to fish and eat local produce from the places we pass through. We respect other cultures from whom we try to learn. We live with nature and we fight to defend it. We believe in a better world in which Man can go back to living in harmony with his surroundings.

We try to be as auto-sufficient as posible, thus giving us independence and freedom. We feel part of a community that lives by sailing and respecting nature, tireless travellers, explorers and discoverers, seekers of a life well-lived of intense emotions.


It is not Utopia ……it is a reality We are Citizens of The Sea.


Do you want to be a Citizen of The Sea?