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Around the World on Sailboat Ju

Finding Judith, her full involvement in the acquisition of sailing boat and make that dream yours too, gave us the final push to move from one project to fruition and thereby to fulfill a dream.

Marc History

It´s difficult to explain what the motives were that led us to undertake this project in which Judith, La Trufa and me find ourselves, but I will try.

My relationship with the sea started as far back as I can remember. From being a small child I sailed with my father and my sister in a sail boat spending many summers in The Balearic Islands, and sailing also in light sailboats, a hobby I reccommend and fortunately can still practice . I miss my trips out with the Patin Catalan which I had to sell when we started this trip.

I believe that everyone, or nearly everyone that sails, one day has this dream of crossing the oceans and sailing around the world….. but normally it stays just as a dream, nothing more. And for me it was exactly the same. Maybe,the day that I changed my steady job of more than 13 years working as a sound technician in the radio for a not so stable, worse paid job in a family – sailing company, I began to get closer to my dream without realizing it.

You are crazy,- my workmates said, – this is a steady job!!!!!

It wasn´t easy, and I often thought I had made a mistake because I had swapped 3 days a week working in a relaxed atmosphere in a sound studio for 6 frenetic days in the world of sailing, fighting for a salary that would permit me to stay financially afloat.

I had a deep feeling, something I had felt for a long time, that pushed me to make this change in my work. A restlessness, that only with the passing of the years , I could interpret, but that made me more and more unsatisfied with myself. This feeling was: “ I know there is something I know how to do, that would give me great personal satisfaction”   I think many people feel something ….similar. Obviously, realizing that, was one of the most difficult things for me, but finding what it was is the thing that has given me the greatest satisfaction of my life and is one of the two things that has brought me here.   This restlessness and dis-satisfaction with my work gave me the strength to make the change.

The second thing, that has let me convert a dream into reality was meeting Judith. Her total involvement in the buying of the boat and making the dream hers too, gave us the final push to move on from having a project to making it real and in this way fulfilling our dream.

Judith History

Our story begins in the Summer of 2007. That summer, Marc organized a sail-boat trip with friends, and Judith was one of them, to Formentera.

For me it had always been a dream to sail to Formentera. I couldn´t believe it I hadn´t seen Marc for years and every night I thought please let there be room for me on this trip

Though we had known one another for over 15 years, it was during this trip that our love story began with one another and with the sea.

It was the first crossing I hade ever done. I remember that I hadn´t felt so at peace for a long time. Whilst sailing I went towards the prow. The sea, the boat, and me. All my thoughts, all my problems found structure in my mind and finally I felt free. Happy ¡I get goose-pimples remembering how emotional this first adventure was for me. My relationship with Marc went very quickly, I suppose at my age you are very clear about things…. Particularly about what you want and don´t want.

After a year we decided to buy a sailboat. We had to decide the type of boat we wanted to buy and the uses to which we would put it. Our dream was to one day sail around all the seas of the world. After, researching, visiting and sailing on many boats for over a year, we decided finally on the characteristics our boat needed to have. Only when we reached this point did we find JU.

After a year we were living on the boat, and beginning, without knowing, to change our way of life, changing the city for the port. We were fascinated with the idea of waking up, despite being at home,in different places.

We could briefly experience this in the summer when we had a free week we set off for one of the Balearic Islands. This gave us a sensation of freedom that we had never ever lived before.

Marc had always had this dream but had never believed it was posible to make it happen. Meeting one another and finding that I too was completely involved in the project was the definitive push that was needed to believe in the dream and get to work on it to make it happen.

Once decided it wasn´t easy to make it happen. We had to renounce many things. Leaving the family, and good friends , was one of the most difficult things to do. For us and for them too. But the need we felt for liberty, adventure and emotion was the strongest feeling of all.

Pressure and fear of the unknown are aspects that one also has to overcome. The incertitude of what life at sea would be like and changing countries, languages, cultures and laws was at the same time a great personal motivator. Relationships

are very intense on a boat, given the reduced space, and the hours that are shared together. This was yet another test we had to overcome.

With time, we have realized that we are a team, friends, and companions and for us it really couldn´t be any other way..


Trufa, our little dog from the first momento of having her she started to live with us on the yacht. Without doubt, this too is her home and where she feels most comfortable. She´s an excellent sailor.

Ever since we started our adventure she has been with us, sailing, crossing the Atlantic, going all over the Antilles, Venezuela, Colombia and Panamá. I always remember that when i started a watch she came towards me wagging her tail, and when I stretched out in the bath with my bones aching, she would sit on top of my feet and give me warmth and affection…. Priceless ¡

She is always happy. The best travelling companion.


Our little cabin-boy was the last to embark on the boat when he was 6 months old. They have been marvellous moments, magical, tender and also very hard. Sailing with a baby and living in isolated places was difficult but I wouldn´t change it for anything in the world. What he has been able to learn iduring this time living with other cultures, sailing…. interacting with nature I believe is a true gift.

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