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Trufa, A sailor dog

The idea of having a dog, was an issue that Judith and I had already spoken about during our 2 years relationship, but we had never done seriously. We both had always liked the idea. We had already decided to take the trip, when one night during one of those meetings that Ju and I had usually, the dog topic came back up. We began researching the internet and …. to find it !!!. I think it is not what we need to do to buy a dog. Internet is not the best option so we went to a breeder, and we were lucky and it worked out well, thinking about traveling around the world, because we also bought a dog. Yes, we each read, a couple of dog books and how to educate them because we had no experience. We had looked for a particular race, because we knew two dogs from that race and we especially liked the playful and affectionate character. A Spanish Water Dog. Victor also knew, great sailor and a better person, who had gone around the world with a poodle named Nus. Victor was one of the two people that we released the moorings in the port of Badalona in September 2010 when we left for our trip.

dog sailor

Trufa only had 20 days and we had to wait a month to pick her up in a small town in Valencia (Spain). It has always amazed us . The first day at home he would already bring us the ball. I never thought he would be able to climb the stairs of the Ju , which he learned in just 4 or 5 days. He was able to ask for food and water and… take me to the beach!!!!!!!

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